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Considered the top HVAC company in North Georgia, we have been serving your area in Talking Rock since 1961. Cheshire Heating and Air has two offices to expand our HVAC services across the North Georgia area. The residents of Talking Rock have been loyal and dependable customers with whom we are happy to have created a community. It isn’t all about HVAC—we want to make a difference in your community and reach as many residents as possible. Our team is your local Talking Rock heating & air conditioning choice. We have three values we hold ourselves to every day we are in operation:

  1. A commitment to quality service. HVAC units are an investment—the upfront price, maintenance costs, and fees for service and replacement parts. We refuse to charge our customers for unacceptable service. Our technicians have committed to providing their best at every home to guarantee customer satisfaction and a healthy HVAC system.
  2. A dependable HVAC company. We won’t waste your time. Our technicians will be at your doorstep at your most convenient time. Whether you need emergency service or your schedule is limited, we will work around it and be there as soon as possible. In addition, every van carries a vast supply of parts to limit the need for multiple trips to your home. HVAC service is not meant to be stressful—we are here to give you peace of mind and efficient service you can rely on.
  3. Honest HVAC service. Honesty will take a company far. Trust is built with honest interactions and no confusion. As experts in the HVAC field, we try to explain everything to our customers before we complete a job and offer upfront pricing that will not change. Therefore, you always know what you are stepping into as a customer.


To make things easier on you, we ensure that our technicians are professionally trained and skilled in many areas of HVAC—not just repairing and installing. This keeps us updated with the ever-changing HVAC industry and our customers happy! We offer the following services and more:

  • HVAC Repair
  • HVAC Maintenance
  • HVAC Replacement and Installation
  • Indoor Air Quality Services
  • Commercial HVAC Services
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Additional Installations

Each service is provided as efficiently as possible for your benefit. If you have further questions on whether we can be of service to you, our technicians are happy to hop on the phone with you to discuss what you need and provide professional advice.


Heating and air are complicated—it is hard to know when you are having issues, what those issues are, and what will solve them! That is what Cheshire Heating and Air are here for. We can attempt to problem-solve over the phone and determine if you need a service call. Then, our technicians can be scheduled to come to your house at a time that works for you. From there, they can diagnose and advise the next steps, and usually, they can treat the problem right then and there if you choose to! So, how do you know when you need to call? Here are the most common signs that an HVAC system needs professional service:

  • Weak airflow from the vents
  • Inconsistent temperatures from room to room
  • The thermostat reading a different temperature from which it is set
  • Loud noises when the machine is on
  • Unusual smells in the air or near the equipment
  • Excess dust accumulation
  • Increased monthly energy bills
  • The unit cuts off frequently
  • The unit stays on all day long
  • There is a leak near the machine or from the ductwork
  • Condensation around the vents
  • Warm air is circulating when the A/C is on and vice versa

These are almost always signs that your HVAC is not operating efficiently, which costs you money and can damage the system. Call us for additional advice and to schedule your diagnostic trip.


If your Talking Rock home needs service, the time is now! Get to know us, and you won’t go back. Our team has been named the #1 HVAC company in your area year after year. Our history and customer reviews show our dedication to the HVAC field and our customers. Whether it is a repair, yearly maintenance, a replacement, or duct cleaning, we are here to make things right so you and your family can live comfortably! Call today.

Customer Reviews
Our Customers Love Us

Our ac went out and I called Cheshires. They sent out Jeff and we could not have been more happy with the service he provided. He took his time and explained the problem and what was needed to fix it.

Lori R.

Our heat stopped working last night in the middle of the night and I called them this morning! Kenny was here around noon and had it fixed in less than 5 minutes. Will definitely be recommending to everyone!

Shyanne H.

The very best service we have experienced in a very long time! Exactly what we wanted & the experience we desired. Best company with values we really appreciate in this day and time. Would highly recommend! They will have our business for years to come! Thanks to all!

Penny R.

Our HVAC was down and Cheshire Heating and Air responded quickly. Jaime was on time, a pleasure to work with, found the problem right away and took care of it. Cheshire has maintained our system for three years. Very pleased!

Linda L.

If you need a new hvac system, look no further, these guys are the best! The crew that came to install our new unit and duct work was fantastic. They showed up early, were polite, clean, and took the time needed to do the job right!

Julia P.

I have been a happy client for the past 14 years. These folks are professional, honest & genuine. I highly recommend using these folks for all of your HVAC needs!

Eric T.

HVAC Contractor

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Furnace Company

Talking Rock, GA